About Us

Proudly Selling Local Products in Bozeman, MT

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First opened in 2013, Bozeman Oil & Vinegar is a family-owned business with deep roots in the Bozeman, MT community. We are a locally-owned olive oil and vinegar store. While we offer a selection of salts, specialty oils and other gift items, our focus is bringing high-quality olive oils and balsamic vinegars to you.

True extra-virgin olive oil brings great health benefits. The integrity of our products is important to us. Come taste the difference and experience the interactive tasting of all our EVOO, flavored specialty oils, balsamic vinegars and salts.

Only getting better with time

Not many kids grow up wanting to own an oil and vinegar store one day. We stumbled upon our passion by accident. While waiting to pick up her two sons at hockey camp, our owner stepped into an oil and vinegar store to pass the time. She was blown away by the tastes, smells and artistry-the rest was history.

Seven years later, our family-owned business continues to push for only the highest-quality, ultra-premium products. We're proud to serve the same Bozeman community that we call home.