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Add some more food recipes to your repertoire in Bozeman, MT

Tired of cycling through the same old recipes every single week? Try this interesting pasta, chicken one-pot meal from Bozeman Oil & Vinegar. It's delicious and very easy to make-did we say one pot! Our family in Bozeman, MT asks for it frequently, which is great because it's so quick and easy. This food recipe is also extremely flexible, making it easy to change it up as you go.

Check out the full food recipe below.

A delicious, and very easy meal! My family asks for it frequently, which is great because it is so easy! And flexible, change it up as you go. Click here for the link:

Apricot Balsamic chicken pasta with olives

Flavorful chicken meal in one, sweet apricot complimented with olives! Orange stuffed manzanilla olives are wonderful.


8 oz. of Pappardelle's brand linguini (1/2 package) Lemon Garlic, Lemon
Pepper, Black pepper, all are good choices
4-6 chicken thighs bone-in and with skin preferred
1 T. Herbs de Provence olive oil (I tend to be more liberal than that with it)
1 t. salt (or to taste)
Medium onion thinly sliced. (1-2 cups as you prefer)
¾ Cup sliced red pepper (again adjust to your preference)
2 t. minced garlic
¼ Cup Apricot white balsamic
1 Cup chicken broth
½ t lemon zest
¼ t pepper
15 or so Orange stuffed manzanilla olives
1 T Cornstarch mixed with 1 T water

Pat chicken dry and salt evenly on both sides. Room temperature is best for even cooking.

Boil water and cook pasta following directions on the package. Al dente is best, as it will cook a bit in the final step.

Heat Herbs de Provence olive oil in skillet til fragrant. A good skillet for even temperature is important.
Place chicken in the pan skin side down, it should sizzle. Let the chicken brown, don't move it - for 10-12 min.
Flip the chicken and let brown on this side for about 5 minutes. Remove the chicken to a plate.

You should have about a tablespoon of oil, add if needed, drain if needed. Leave the flavorful bits in the pan for sure!
Add your onions and red pepper to the pan and cooking on low temperature, let them get yummy. Keep an eye, and stir them. Let them mingle flavor and begin to caramelize after about 15 minutes add your garlic, and finish caramelizing. Remove to a plate.

Add apricot balsamic and a ¼ C of the chicken stock to the pan. Let in simmer at medium heat, and reduce, scraping up the flavorful bits as you stir. After about two minutes, add the rest of the chicken stock to your pan. Simmer on medium, adding your pepper and lemon zest. Adding the chicken back to the pan, skin side up to keep a crisp texture. Simmer for about 6 minutes. Now add your olives and simmer for another 6 minutes. Remove chicken on more time.
Combine your 1 T. of cornstarch with 1 T water, stir til dissolved. Add the this to your sauce and simmer to thicken for minute or two.

Add your drained pasta to the pot and stir to evenly combine the veggies and olives. Return chicken on top of pasta, and serve. Serves 4.

Turkey Pot Pie!

Still got Turkey Leftovers? Check this out!!

3 Tbsp Wild Mushroom & Sage Infused olive oil
1 Small onion diced
1/2 Bell pepper - yellow, orange, or red.
4 Tbsp Flour
3 Carrots diced
2 Potatoes diced
3 C. Chicken (or turkey) broth
1/4 C. Pomegranate Dark Balsamic Vinegar
4 C. Turkey - diced(ish)
Pie crust
Egg yolk
1 T water

Preheat oven to 425 degrees F
Prepare a pie crust. I prefer the two piece full pie style, however a casserole dish with only the crust topping would be good if you prefer.
Mix egg yolk and water. Brush this onto pie crust.

Cook onions and pepper until tender. (And fragrant:))
Add carrots - cook about two minutes. Stir in flour and cook two minutes more.
Add chicken stock and pomegranate vinegar. Bring to simmer.
Add potatoes and simmer til tender. Add green beans while potatoes are simmering - about half the time the potatoes take. Stir in turkey.
Pour mixture into pie crust that has been brushed with the egg yolk/water mixture.
Brush the crust top with the yolk/water mixture and flip so it is on the inside. crimp well so it stays together! Am I the only one who knows what that looks like when you don't?
Make steam vents in crust. I like to use. Cookie cutter to make a design on top. I used to not be such a fork...don't know what happened.
Bake ten minutes. Turn temperature down to 350 and bake another 30-30 minutes. Golden brown and filled with yummy goodness.
Feel free to mix it up! Celery is more common- I chose to go with yellow pepper. Peas are awesome and a staple in pot pies- but the green beans were calling out from the bin, so I went with it. (Turned out good)

Have fun and enjoy! I think I want to roast another turkey!!

I have a lot of people ask me what my favorite use for a Dark Balsamic Vinegar is, and I have to admit, I use it to make my own salad dressings. Now for those of you who aren't super into cooking, don't worry, this is probably one of the simplest things you could make. It seriously takes 2 items. That's it.

So first thing I do is take my goat cheese out of the fridge to allow it to warm up just a bit, making it a bit softer. Then I take whatever flavor Dark Balsamic I want to use, and I figure out how much salad dressing I'm going to need. Am I feeding just myself? A party? etc. Once I've decided how much I need, I pour that into a mixing bowl. I then grab my goat cheese, and I add the cheese. Now how much you add really depends on how much you like goat cheese. I personally love goat cheese, so I add about 2 tables per person. Then I let it sit. The acids in the vinegar will break down the goat cheese, and I stir every so often while I'm making the salad just to make sure no chunks are left. The final product is a wonderfully creamy smooth dressing. Sometimes I'll add a few herbs or spices if I'm feeling really wild, but generally the flavored vinegar is plenty for my palette.

So go crazy! pick up a bottle of Espresso Dark Balsamic Vinegar for that spinach salad, let me know how you made it. Did you use any herbs? how much cheese do you like? Let me know in the comments below."